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Blastrac Grinding wings

Diamond grinding consumables for soft and hard floor, available with several grit sizes

The grinding wings listed on this page are designed to be used with planetary grinders in combination with Diamag adapter plates.

Diamag diamond grinding wings are designed to be fitted on every Blastrac or Diamatic 3-headed planetary grinder, as well as on similar (concrete) grinders from other suppliers. Diamag wings are available in three colours. This three colour system is specially designed to make life easier for customers.

Advantages of our grinding wings

  • All Diamag wings can be mounted on our Diamag adapter plates.
  • Each wing has 2 segments with specific “dot” design; each segment is covered with little plugs, which will attack the floor first, thus letting the diamond open much faster, for an optimized grinding efficiency.
  • Diamag wings are delivered by sets of 9 pieces: 3 wings for each one of the 3 planetary heads.
  • Grinding wings

Segmenty niebieskie do szlifowania

Twardy bond dla miękkich powierzchni

Blue grinding wings
CodeGrit sizeOpis
BG70732118/20Grinding of coatings and thin layers
BG70732230/40Grinding to create key for bonding and / or grinding of top layers

Green grinding wings

Medium bond segments for soft floors

Green grinding wings
CodeGrit sizeDescription
BG70731118/20Grinding of coatings and thin layers
BG70731230/40Grinding to create suture and/or grinding of top floors
BG70731360/80Grinding to create suture for water based coatings and/or grinding to get basis for polishing
BG707314120/150Polishing. Last metal bond step before starting with resin pads

Red grinding wings

Soft bond segments for hard floors

Red grinding wings
CodeGrit sizeDescription
BG70730118/20Grinding of coatings and thin layers
BG70730230/40Grinding to create a key for bonding and / or grinding of top layers
BG70730360/80Grinding to create a key for bonding and / or grinding of top layers
BG707304120/150Polishing. Last metal bond step before staring with resin pads

Black grinding wing

Very hard bond segments for very hard floors

Black grinding wing
CodeGrit sizeDescription
BG707341-220/25Perfect for the removal of old paints, coatings and glues

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