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Blastrac Turbo Cup wheels

Depending on the type of floor you have to grind, there is always a suitable Blastrac tool.

The tools listed below are designed to be fitted on hand held grinders with a working width of Ø125mm and Ø180mm, from Blastrac and most other suppliers.

  • Turbo Cup wheels

Turbo cup wheel

Turbo cup wheel
CodeWorking widthGrit size
BG707124Ø125 mm#35/45
BG500106Ø125 mm#80/100

Tarcza diamentowa turbo

Turbo cup wheel
CodeWorking widthGrit size
E01401Ø180 mm#35/45 | 24 segments
BG707125Ø180 mm#35/45 | 12 segments
BG500108Ø180 mm#80/100

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